Discover our selection of Wedding Jewelry

Every detail counts on your wedding day forever and ever, Blasco Joyero has an exclusive assortment of wedding rings, bridal earrings, solitaires for hand and deposit requests, designed to make you look dazzling. We advise you in the choice of your wedding jewel, taking into account the details of the dress… Don’t let yourself be fooled, everything doesn’t suit you, and everything isn’t worth it, every woman in her style, her proportions and her beauty will be better off with one jewel than another, and that’s where we can best help you with our wedding experience. Here are some of the exclusive pieces that you can find in our establishment, we invite you to come and see them for yourself and try them on, and we will be happy to advise you on the preparations for your wedding so that you can relax.

The following jewels are examples, but not static models, as we do not usually repeat them except for some specific ones.

You can already buy some of our jewelry in our online store SURPRISE : where you can see jewelry at an incredible price.

This section is very interesting for couples who want to agree on wedding rings for their wedding day. There are many models in different colors of gold, calibres, finishes, etc….

We offer you the possibility of creating your own alliance for your union, just access the following link: CREATE YOUR OWN ALLIANCE . To find out the size of your ring, you can access the following document: Know your size in Joyería Bodas Blasco Joyero .

Also, if you are sure of the exact model and size, when you make your purchase online through this “Create your own Alliance” manager, you can request that they be sent to the address of your choice free of charge, as long as it is for shipments to Spain Peninsula..