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The jewellery workshop in Murcia is our great treasure.

One of the things that makes Blasco Joyero special, besides the cordiality and good treatment with our customers, is our artisan jewelry workshop. The workshop was started by its founder Diego Blasco in 1974 in Lorenzo Pausa Street, and later, in 1981, moved to its current location in Baritono Marcos Redondo Street. It consists of one hundred square metres on the first floor, dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of medium and high quality jewellery pieces, as well as to the repair, transformation and orders of our clients.


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In the jewellery workshop of Blasco Joyero, jewellery of great quality and richness has been made for a large part of the high society of Murcia, as well as great works of true jewellery craftsmanship, some of which remain in the cultural heritage of a village such as the Crown of the Virgin of Bitterness of the White Passage of Lorca, the heart of the Virgin of Charity of Cartagena, the Crown of the Incarnate Passage of Lorca, etc.. As an example of all this, you can see some of our company awards and works in : WORKS and PRIZES OF COMPANY

The realization for many years of the awards of some well-known Murcian companies, such as the newspaper “La Verdad”, “Ucomur”, Ucoerm, Restaurant Casa Orenes, etc, are some of the orders made in our Jewelry workshop. In addition, the workshop has also produced one of the most interesting and complete collections of the silver miniatures that represent the customs of Murcia, such as the orchards, the Nazarenes, the achoneros, the barracks, the arm of Saint Peter, the kiss of Judas, etc., and of course La Virgen de la Fuensanta, patron saint of all Murcians.

We usually carry out all kinds of specialized jewellery orders for clients, individuals who come with their own designs, providing our experience and knowledge of the materials and the manufacturing process, as well as all kinds of special orders for companies and institutions. In our workshop we design our own collections of jewelry, under the brand name Blasco Joyero, making several exclusive pieces for our customers. In many cases with the same motto: “If you find one like it, we will give it to you”.