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The BLASCO JOYERO COMPANY was born under the name of Diego González Blasco. In honor of its founder and current owner, as a small company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of handcrafted jewelry, being founded in January 1974.

Its founder began in a jewellery workshop at the age of 14 and simultaneously joined the Escuela Sindical de Joyería de Madrid (Madrid Jewellery Trade Union School). During this period, he was runner-up in the specialization of Sacador de Fuego and was awarded the title of jeweller in Madrid (June 1963), and all the jewellers who were able to complete their studies were highly prized. He contributed to the beginnings of the firm “Carrera y Carrera”. In 1973 he moved to Murcia where he started his activity as a jewellery workshop. Thanks to his good preparation, his renovating sense of his jewellery schemes and his eagerness for a job well done. He soon managed to gain a reputation for prestige in the professional jewellery sector in Murcia.

Blasco Joyero is a different kind of jewellery shop in Murcia, as it is a trade, a workshop for high jewellery orders and at the same time a workshop for very different orders, trophies, business prizes and special handmade and exclusive gifts. Its other specialty is the production of diamond jewellery and the sale of diamonds from 0.50 carats to 5.00 carats in various qualities. It has professionals in an appraisal department, aimed at a special, different and demanding public. In addition to a large watchmaking department where you can find prestigious brands.

In 1981, the Blasco Joyero Company opened its first shop, being the maximum expression of professional sense, incorporating the valuation of jewellery and the creation of custom jewellery without limit. Currently the company is located in the heart of the capital, and has a space of 100 m2 for commerce and a mezzanine of another 100 m2 for the workshop of jewelry, administration and management.

In 2000 he joined the company Francisco Javier González Aragón, known to his clients and friends as Paco Blasco. Son of the founder and born in Murcia in 1978, with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Murcia in 2001, and a degree in Gemology from the Spanish Gemological Institute in Madrid in 2003. He brought a vision of the future, new sales, image and marketing schemes, applying a process of renewal to both business and customer service. Combined with the company’s tradition, experience in jewellery and good taste, makes Blasco Joyero a difference in the jewellery sector in Murcia.

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Between 2012 and 2014, the company Blasco Joyero renews its website incorporating online sales. Adapts to new and different social networks. It is in 2015, when the company decided to create a large project based on the creation of collections inspired in corners or areas of the Region of Murcia, creating another new website for this purpose :

Company – Jewelry at La Manga Club