Obras Blasco Joyero y Premios de Empresas

In the workshop of Obras Blasco Joyero Murcia, numerous jewels of great quality and richness have been made for a large part of the high society of Murcia. Great works of true jewellery craftsmanship, some of them remaining in the cultural heritage of the Region of Murcia such as the Corona de la Virgen de la Amargura del Paso Blanco de Lorca, the heart of the Virgen de la Caridad de Cartagena, the Corona del Paso Encarnado de Lorca, etc..

In 2017 we were commissioned to restore the Silver and Gold Crown of our patron saint of Murcia, La Virgen de la Fuensanta, with an impeccable result and a procession on up to two occasions that same year.

Here are some examples:

Official College of Mining Engineers of Levante Award

Rotary Club Murcia Award for “Public Servant

Lorca’s bullfighting trophy “Sol de Oro” (Golden Sun)

AJE Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2012

Golden Spike Award

Crown of the Virgin of the Bitterness of Lorca

Crown of the Virgin of the Loneliness of the Incarnate Passage of Lorca

Silver Palm of the Virgin of Santa Lucía de San Ginés


Blasco works Jewelry Murcia much more than gifts and trophies